Take a Chance With Dark-Coloured Flooring

Carpeting is certainly a great way to increase the comfort of your flooring underfoot, but when you want to give your décor a boost and give rooms new life, a more dramatic change in the form of dark flooring may be just the thing.

Won’t Dark Flooring Make a Room Look Smaller?

The myth about dark flooring decreasing the size of a room is just that: a myth. In actuality, dark flooring can make a room look far larger than it actually is. But the key to doing this successfully when used in the proper way.

What Darkness Does

Dark flooring adds plenty of drama to a room. Imagine a black floor with white walls and bright furniture. This contrast alone can add to a room’s ‘wow’ factor. Interestingly, dark flooring can also bring added intimacy to certain rooms like a bedroom or study.

Choosing the right Type of Dark Flooring

Dark flooring is available in laminate, timber or engineered wood flooring, and can be seen in many Bedford homes. And whether your home is a contemporary or period property, dark flooring can be the ideal choice.

However, not all dark flooring is the same. Choosing high-gloss flooring will mean a lot of maintenance. As well, any damage will show readily on dark flooring with high gloss. Therefore, this type of flooring isn’t the ideal choice for homes with pets and children.

If you live in a period home, you can still install dark flooring, However, when doing so, you may want to consider dark brown variants, as these may be a better fit. Planks that are narrow with much detail in the grain are best suited to period designs. If a farmhouse-style property is being fitted with dark flooring, you may wish to consider Matt flooring for a less polished look.

Divided We Stand

Designing with dark floors is a great idea which can net you a modern look as well as rustic charm. Consider combining dark flooring colours to split the sections of a room instead of employing furniture for this purpose. Doing this can be ideal where you want to separate a large room without having to place a physical barrier there to do it. Another way to do this when dark flooring is laid over a large area is to break it up by adding a colourful area rug.

For instance, the flooring around a table in the dining room can be a different colour than the flooring in the rest of the dining room. You can also consider dark flooring for the majority of a floor’s area, with other dark flooring laid around the edges as a border. You may also wish to consider making unique shapes with flooring, and then laying them amongst a solid background of flooring in a different colour.

Another way to divide flooring is to use light and dark flooring interchangeably. This will also create contrast and add drama.

Tips for Dark Flooring

Contrast is key when using dark flooring. Always create a contrast between your dark floor and the rest of the room. You can achieve colour, contrast and size balance in a room with dark flooring by sticking to neutral tones like beige, greys, and other muted shades for your furniture and walls.

Dark flooring is a wonderful way to transform the look and feel of any room in your home. And there are virtually limitless options, both for flooring options and dark flooring design ideas. Before installing any kind of flooring in your home, it’s always best to first get flooring samples and then take them home to see how you feel about their colour and texture.