Underlay Underlay – The Importance of Choosing the Right Carpet Underlay

As you go about picking the ideal colour, material and brand name of your carpet, you may not have given much thought to the underlay that will be placed underneath. But the truth is that the underlay you choose is just as important as the carpet that will cover it.

Why is Underlay Important?

Believe it or not, carpet underlay serves many purposes. Not only does it provide additional noise insulation to that provided by your carpet, but it also provides a nice cushion for your feet, back and legs whenever you walk on it.

Another reason that underlay is important is because it contributes a great deal to your carpet’s longevity. Instead of grinding your carpet into bare floor with every step, the underlay is there to take the brunt.

If you hate cold floors in the winter, then you will understand the importance of underlay. Laid between your home’s concrete floor and the carpet, underlay provides a barrier against the cold coming up form below whilst it holds in the heat circulating above.

Carpet Underlay Types

Generally, carpet underlay is available in three types: rubber, foam and felt.

Rubber underlay, also called ‘rubber waffle’ gives your floor a bit of springiness when walked on. This type of underlay is not only durable, but it’s also breathable thanks to its cellular construction. Rubber underlay is expensive, but it’s also superior to other underlay types.

Foam underlay is a good choice for those looking for something in the mid range as far as cost is concerned. Foam was originally manufactured with the purpose of being an alternative to rubber underlay.

Felt underlay represents the cheapest of the three as far as cost is concerned. Although rare today, felt underlay’s construction of wool and other fabrics offered many benefits to homeowners over the years, not the least of which was heat retention.

Underlay for Other Types of Flooring

It’s even possible to get underlay for other types of flooring such as wood and vinyl. The benefits of underlay are the same for these flooring types; they offer a softer and springier step as well as insulation properties.

How to Choose the Right Underlay Type for You

Whether it’s being placed under lush Mayfield carpets or durable Karndean flooring, choosing the right underlay is of vital importance.

The first thing to remember is that your underlay will not outlast your carpet. Most often, carpet and underlay will wear at the same rate. Therefore, every time you replace your carpet, you should check your underlay for wear. There’s simply no sense in keeping underlay that’s worn and placing new carpet over it, as this will only result in added carpet wear and ultimately, far less value to you.

Consider your needs when choosing underlay, and not price. For example, if you require your underlay to be excellent at helping to reduce noise, then this may be worth the extra cost to you.

You may even be able to try before you buy, which give you a lot of assistance with choosing the right product. You may be surprised to find that the underlay you were considering wasn’t the best one for your needs, or you may find that it was exactly what you were looking for.

Under-floor Heating and Self-Installation

Carpet underlay doesn’t necessarily need to be professionally installed. However, if you’ve invested in expensive carpet that will be placed in a much-used room, you may wish to reconsider. Those rooms which see less wear may be the best place to try your hand at installing underlay.

Areas having under-floor heating may require special underlay. In fact, some underlay types are designed to work with under-floor heating. Where this is the case, the best advice is to talk to your flooring supplier.

Kitchen Flooring: An Important Consideration

The kitchen can definitely be counted as one of the busiest rooms in a household. From family gatherings to the making of major meals, working in the kitchen means long periods of moving around and standing. As such, the flooring you choose for your kitchen needs to be considered carefully.

Don’t Judge a book by its Cover

Although the flooring you are considering looks good, there are other elements to think about. Will it be warm enough if you stand on it without slippers during wintertime? Will your back and legs suffer as a result of standing too long? Will children or the elderly be walking through the kitchen or using it often? These are just a few of the many items to think about that have nothing to do with how the floor looks. However, this doesn’t mean that the kitchen flooring you choose has to be dull.

Pressure and Wear

When considering flooring for the kitchen, you must identify the pressure and wear your floor will be subjected to. Thin flooring will only wear with lots of kitchen activity, which includes accidents like the dropping of pots and other items on the floor. Your kitchen floor must be comfortable enough to stand on, but durable enough to handle the unexpected.

For spills, an easy-clean surface like the ones offered by Karndean flooring can offer an all-round solution. This particular brand has several colours, finishes and styles that work well for kitchen settings.

When You Choose Kitchen Flooring is Important

Although you won’t always be able to choose your kitchen flooring at the same time as you choose other elements like kitchen cabinetry, it is recommended that you do so. This will allow you to develop a colour and material palette that can bring all of the elements in your home together.

Of course, a more inexpensive option is to re-paint or re-surface your kitchen cabinets to match the colour and texture of your new kitchen flooring. If this is not possible, you can always add elements to your kitchen which will echo the colours and textures of your cabinets and floors.

Kitchen Flooring Materials

One popular trend in kitchen flooring is the porcelain look. Although not actual porcelain, synthetic porcelain called mimica recreates the natural porcelain look. You may also opt for true natural flooring in materials like wood and stone, although this can be a costly endeavour. Many of today’s kitchen flooring options allow for durability along with a natural look and feel, without the cost of actual natural materials.

Actual porcelain tile is very hard-wearing, as well as being completely water and scratch-proof as well as stain resistant and easy to clean. All of these features can be of great advantage in the kitchen. If properly installed, natural stone will last for many years. But its porosity requires sealing to be completed every few years. The warmth of real wood flooring cannot be denied, although it may offer less durability than other flooring types.


The presence of both children and the elderly in your kitchen are both excellent reasons to consider the safety properties of your new kitchen flooring. If either of these groups will be regular visitors, it then becomes important to think about the other properties of flooring, such as how slippery it becomes when a spill occurs. You may also want to consider flooring that is slip-resistant or can give a little should a fall occur

Regardless of the style you choose, it’s important to commit to a kitchen flooring style that you know you will be happy with for years to come.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Choices

Today more than ever, homeowners are choosing carpets made of natural materials. And there are certainly many choices available now that weren’t even just a few years ago. But while this means much in terms of options, it can mean headaches when it comes to making a final decision.

Benefits of all Natural Carpet Types

Regardless of style or type, there are several benefits to having natural carpet in a home. One is that natural carpeting offers as rich and luxurious a texture as synthetic carpeting does. Another is that natural carpets are made with renewable resources, something that’s becoming an increasingly important consideration in many aspects of modern life.


Coir carpeting is made from coconut husks, and is one of the most inexpensive natural carpet materials on the market. Coir carpeting is available both in its ‘raw’ state, and in designs like diamond and herringbone. Raw coir carpeting is coarse and abrasive, making it a great choice for cabins and cottages.

The durability of coir carpeting also makes it ideal for placement in high traffic areas like living rooms or hallways. However, it’s not the ideal choice for areas requiring soft flooring, such as a child’s room or master bedroom.

Discolouration can occur as the result of spills on this type of carpet. As well, keeping this carpet dry is a definite must due to its loose weave. The loose weave is also a reason to not install this carpeting on stairs.


Wool carpeting remains the most popular choice where the installation of natural flooring is desired. Not only is wool a very strong and durable fibre, but it is also stain, fire and piling resistant. The coating that wool carpeting contains allows it to be resistant to water.

Because wool fibres catch and retain air, this carpeting type works very well when used as an insulating layer for the purpose of retaining heat. This ability to capture air also makes wool carpeting a great choice for areas that need insulation for the purpose of noise reduction.

Although the individual fibres in wool carpeting will effortlessly resist spills, installation in dry areas is always the recommendation. As well, no wool carpeting should ever be immersed in water, as this can cause the formation of mildew. However, there are types of wool carpeting that resist mould and mildew, such as that which has been blended with hemp.


Seagrass carpeting offers a smooth finish with anti-static properties. Made from the natural fibres of plants grown in paddy fields that are flooded with seawater, seagrass offers a very durable carpeting option. The fibres in seagrass carpet are incredibly resistant to dirt, discolouration and stains, thanks to their near impermeability.

The impermeability of seagrass carpet means that it is not able to be dyed, although it can contain wefts of coloured string for effect. This carpeting can work in virtually any dry environment. However, although this hardy material resists staining and dirt, it has one enemy, which is moisture. This makes the wiping up of spills right away a priority where wool carpeting has been installed. This type of carpet should be avoided in areas of the home where moisture is generated on a regular basis, such as in a bathroom.

Whether looking for natural or synthetic carpeting, the best way to choose the right one for any home is to assess the amount of traffic that each room receives. Another consideration is any additional properties that may be desired, such as sound or heat insulation. Finally, choosing a quality carpet that’s within budget can ensure beautiful floors for years to come without the high cost.

Why Brintons is a Top Carpet Choice

In today’s disposable society, it can seem like no one pays attention to quality anymore. But thankfully, that statement doesn’t ring true for everyone. Many manufacturers still believe in the value that quality products hold. One of these manufacturers is Brintons.

One of the country’s most well-known carpet manufacturers, Brintons is based in Kidderminster, and has been making carpeting for over 230 years. That alone speaks to the experience and incredible talent of this company. But what’s in it for you, the purchaser?

Beauty of Design

Brintons carpets are much more than a floor covering; they are an investment in unparalleled beauty and original design. The colour ranges and designs they develop are all created at their own studios. For the customer, this means the purchase of a unique piece that can only be found at Brintons. This company boasts over 100,000 custom designs. No matter how discriminating the taste, there is a Brintons design for everyone, and if not, they will create it!

Brintons long history means that it has many historical patterns in its archive, which the company has worked tirelessly to restore. In fact, their historical designs have served purposes beyond that of beautiful home design; Brintons carpeting styles have been included in London’s V&A museum as part of historical academic study.

The beautiful designs Brintons creates have also served to challenge the concepts held by rival carpet manufacturers. The result? An even more competitive marketplace that offers much in the way of creative design for all.

Designer Collaborations

Inspiration can come from any source. And over the years, Brintons has collaborated with many designers. Indeed, seeing the Brintons name beside such esteemed designers as Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood and Cristian Zuzunaga is not an uncommon occurrence.

The fact that Brintons has collaborated with so many other creative minds speaks to the value it places on artistic expression. It also communicates how an artist’s own work can only be improved when collaborating with other passionate artists, regardless of what they may design.

Knowledge and Experience

Brinton’s carpet specialists are a large part of what makes the company’s customer service record so stellar. They know that choosing a carpet takes time and a lot of consideration, which is why they offer samples and colour advice to all of their customers.

A Wide Range of Choices

All of the carpets Brintons makes have been manufactured to the highest standard. Their products incorporate several different manufacturing techniques as well as many colours in virtually endless combinations and patterns.

This company understands that colour has more than one characteristic. Carpets from Brintons are available in a range of hues from vibrant to subtle, which makes them the perfect addition to any room in a home. These carpets can also be seen gracing the floors of many businesses.

Don’t Need Full Carpeting? They’ve got you Covered

Even if you don’t need to completely carpet your space, you cans still enjoy the style and long-lasting durability and quality that Brintons provides. In addition to the full carpeting they manufacture, they are also in the business of creating beautiful runners for every application, whether it’s to provide an air of elegance in a hallway, or to add drama and interest to a staircase.

Durable British Products which Stand the Test of Time

As their long experience suggests, Brintons manufactures carpets which stand the test of time. As well, they are a British company that’s proud of the reputation they’ve developed over the years. Because of this, Brintons always strives to exceed customer expectations and go out of their way to ensure every customer receives value for money.