Why Brintons is a Top Carpet Choice

In today’s disposable society, it can seem like no one pays attention to quality anymore. But thankfully, that statement doesn’t ring true for everyone. Many manufacturers still believe in the value that quality products hold. One of these manufacturers is Brintons.

One of the country’s most well-known carpet manufacturers, Brintons is based in Kidderminster, and has been making carpeting for over 230 years. That alone speaks to the experience and incredible talent of this company. But what’s in it for you, the purchaser?

Beauty of Design

Brintons carpets are much more than a floor covering; they are an investment in unparalleled beauty and original design. The colour ranges and designs they develop are all created at their own studios. For the customer, this means the purchase of a unique piece that can only be found at Brintons. This company boasts over 100,000 custom designs. No matter how discriminating the taste, there is a Brintons design for everyone, and if not, they will create it!

Brintons long history means that it has many historical patterns in its archive, which the company has worked tirelessly to restore. In fact, their historical designs have served purposes beyond that of beautiful home design; Brintons carpeting styles have been included in London’s V&A museum as part of historical academic study.

The beautiful designs Brintons creates have also served to challenge the concepts held by rival carpet manufacturers. The result? An even more competitive marketplace that offers much in the way of creative design for all.

Designer Collaborations

Inspiration can come from any source. And over the years, Brintons has collaborated with many designers. Indeed, seeing the Brintons name beside such esteemed designers as Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood and Cristian Zuzunaga is not an uncommon occurrence.

The fact that Brintons has collaborated with so many other creative minds speaks to the value it places on artistic expression. It also communicates how an artist’s own work can only be improved when collaborating with other passionate artists, regardless of what they may design.

Knowledge and Experience

Brinton’s carpet specialists are a large part of what makes the company’s customer service record so stellar. They know that choosing a carpet takes time and a lot of consideration, which is why they offer samples and colour advice to all of their customers.

A Wide Range of Choices

All of the carpets Brintons makes have been manufactured to the highest standard. Their products incorporate several different manufacturing techniques as well as many colours in virtually endless combinations and patterns.

This company understands that colour has more than one characteristic. Carpets from Brintons are available in a range of hues from vibrant to subtle, which makes them the perfect addition to any room in a home. These carpets can also be seen gracing the floors of many businesses.

Don’t Need Full Carpeting? They’ve got you Covered

Even if you don’t need to completely carpet your space, you cans still enjoy the style and long-lasting durability and quality that Brintons provides. In addition to the full carpeting they manufacture, they are also in the business of creating beautiful runners for every application, whether it’s to provide an air of elegance in a hallway, or to add drama and interest to a staircase.

Durable British Products which Stand the Test of Time

As their long experience suggests, Brintons manufactures carpets which stand the test of time. As well, they are a British company that’s proud of the reputation they’ve developed over the years. Because of this, Brintons always strives to exceed customer expectations and go out of their way to ensure every customer receives value for money.