Is there a “Right” Carpet Colour?

Carpeting is a major home purchase. But just as important will be the carpeting colour you choose. After all, your carpeting is an investment that you will have in your home for a number of years, so it should be something you love, as well as something that matches your personality.

Colour Schemes and Trends

The right colour of carpeting for you will be the one which works with your current colour scheme, or one that will also work with a colour scheme you have planned for the future. Of course, there are many exciting trends hitting the carpeting world these days. But should you follow them? An interesting fact is that the flooring trends of today echo the clothing trends of a couple of years ago.

There are ways to follow carpeting trends without having to rip up your entire household installation. You can use rugs in trendy colours and place these over your carpeting. Or, you can choose to place trendily-coloured items around your room in the form of accessories rather than concentrate on your carpeting at all.

Amount of Use

How often you actually use a room can help you determine the right colour of carpet for it. For example, a white or lightly coloured carpet may not be the best choice for a room where lots of activity will take place as these colours will show dirt and stains. However, a lighter coloured carpet can work well in formal rooms that are only used during special occasions.

Amount of Light

The amount of light which enters the room being carpeted will be another item to consider when choosing colour. Rooms receiving lots of natural light will show a carpet’s true colour, and so here, it’s important first to test how a carpet will look in this intensity of natural light by bringing a sample home and observing the colour in the room you plan to install it.

Conversely, rooms that don’t receive a lot of natural light may benefit most from carpets in lighter shades as darker colours will only add to the existing darkness of the room.

Room Size

The size of the room will also help to dictate which colour of carpet is most suitable. For example, if you have a large family room but wish to give it a cosy atmosphere, a carpet that’s in the mid to dark range can help to accomplish this. If the room you are carpeting is small, however, then a light-coloured carpet can serve to make it feel larger than it actually is.

Colour Psychology

When choosing carpeting for your home, you should also consider colour psychology, or how colour affects mood. Cooler colours like blue and green tend to create a calming effect, while warmer colours like brown and red can make you feel energised. Why does colour psychology matter? Let’s say that after a hard day you like to unwind in your family room. If the carpeting in your family room is red, you may experience difficulty with settling down. And you may even get the urge to snack on something sinful, as red is known to encourage the appetite.

Store Lighting

Choosing the right colour for your home’s carpeting also involves understanding the differences between certain types of lighting. The store from which you purchase your carpeting will likely have lighting that’s much different from what you have at home. This is why it’s so important to get carpeting samples and take them home with you before making a final decision.


Is a Stainmaster Carpet really better than Westex Carpets? This depends on many factors. Some carpets carry a guarantee that is transferable from owner to owner, which can add to the resale value of your home if you ever choose to leave. Others offer much in terms of durability and colour-fastness.

Choosing carpeting for your home doesn’t have to be a confusing task when you keep the above points at top of mind.