Why Choose Wall-to-Wall?

Although all-to-wall carpeting went out of style for a time – for reasons that are as yet unclear – the fact remains that it is suited to many applications. Not only does it provide a comfortable space to sit no matter where you do so, but it’s also a soft and luxurious alternative to harder flooring.

The Safety Factor

Having carpeting installed in your home can add a layer of safety. Not only are your footsteps cushioned by carpeting, but the chances of slipping are also practically eliminated. Should someone fall on a carpet, they will experience a much softer landing. This is especially welcome news for households with little ones who are just learning to walk, or elderly inhabitants wishing to reduce their injury risk. Pets can also benefit from carpeting, as it provides the traction needed to round corners without sliding into walls.

More Warmth

Carpeting is famous for its insulating properties. Thanks to underlay which keeps the cold at the foundation whilst helping the carpet to hold heat, this floor covering can increase the comfort of many a cold night. As well, all of the benefits of this added insulation can come through in lower costs for heating.

A Quieter Home

In addition to being able to insulate against the cold, carpeting can also make for quieter living with its sound-insulating properties. Carpeting absorbs noise, making it a great product to place in children’s rooms as well as in areas of high traffic, such as living rooms. In an apartment building where neighbours are above and below, the addition of carpeting can certainly be a welcome one, as it provides a between-floor barrier that greatly reduces the transmission of sound to neighbouring flats.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Those with pets understand the constant sweeping involved with other flooring types. Not so with carpet; vacuuming and the occasional shampooing is all it takes. Even pet stains are easily cleaned, thanks to new technology that allows for easy removal when immediate treatment takes place.

Affordable Luxury

Carpets are available in an incredibly wide range of pile heights, from Berber to shag carpeting. It’s also available in a large variety of colours and patterns. Whether you’re looking for the plush of a luxury hotel, or simply want a sound and heat-insulating floor covering that can stand up to what you put it through, there is an option for your needs.

The Durability you need

Whether its Victoria carpets you choose or another of the many available brands, durability is definitely something that today’s carpets possess. Whilst different carpet types will respond differently to foot traffic and wear, there are several other options available which can increase the life and look of carpet, such as stain-proofing.


The versatility of carpeting simply cannot be denied. With so many colours and patterns available, any taste from traditional to contemporary can be satisfied. However, this can make it difficult to choose just one carpet colour or pattern.

There’s even an option for those wanting the best of both worlds. All of the benefits of carpeting can be had, as well as the beautiful view of the wood, stone or other flooring below with a ‘nearly rug’ – a large piece of carpeting which has been bound at its edges, but which doesn’t cover the entire floor. This look can be easily achieved by placing carpeting where you’d like it, and then leaving a border of between 12 and 18 inches to expose the flooring beneath.

Carpeting can come in at far less costly than other flooring types, although it depends on many factors including type, materials construction and cost of under padding. But whichever way you look at it, there is no doubt that carpeting can be a great flooring choice.