Is it time to Rekindle your Romance with Wall to Wall Carpeting?

How long has it been since you had wall-to-wall carpeting? You may have happily ripped up and thrown away your carpeting in favour of hard flooring. And let’s face it; there’s nothing like the look of wood on your floors. The same is true of stone, which can add a real rustic feel to any home. With great looks like these, why on Earth would you ever want to go back to wall-to-wall? You may be surprised to learn that there are many reasons to fall in love with carpets again.

Affordable Luxury, Your Style

Today’s carpeting is as luxurious as it is stylish. And it doesn’t matter if your tastes are conservative, creative or in between; there are enough colours, piles and patterns on the market to please even the most discriminating tastes. Anything goes these days; your carpet can be the focal point of your room, or just provide a lovely neutral foundation for bold colours and patterns placed elsewhere.

There are many affordable carpet brands and styles on the market as well, with many suppliers offering discounts on bulk purchases, making it incredibly easy to get in on great deals.

A Safer Home

Carpeting can make risky areas like stairs and corners far easier to navigate. The addition of carpeting can provide the soft and yielding surfaces that children need, whilst providing added security and traction to elderly residents. And pets no longer have to worry about hitting the walls when they take a corner a little too fast.

A Lower Energy Bill

In these days where the price of heating your home seems to get higher each year, wall-to-wall carpeting can be a budget saver. This is due to it’s insular properties. In the winter, carpeting and underlay trap precious heat, giving your home’s heating source a break. The less times your heating system has to turn on, the better off your pocket book will be.

Closer Quarters Call For Better Noise Reduction

Carpeting may be something to reconsider if life has gotten noisier in your home. Small children don’t need to quiet down as much with carpeting in place; instead, they can play to their heart’s content without fear of disturbing the neighbours. The same is true in condo situations where neighbours may be able to hear your radio or television. It absorbs the vibrations from sound, even more so when you use a quality underlay beneath. Between floors, carpeting acts as a barrier, reducing the transmission of sound from the floors above to rooms located below.

Maintenance just got Easier

Yes, your hard floors have shine and incredible texture. But how much work are you doing to keep them looking that way, especially if you have pets? With wall-to-wall carpeting, all the maintenance that’s needed is to vacuum and give it the occasional cleaning. Furthermore, the stain-proofing available with products like Brockway carpets make stain removal a job which takes only a few seconds. When you compare this with the constant sweeping of dust and hairballs on a hard floor, the benefits of wall-to-wall carpeting become easier to see.

Make Your Space Look Bigger

Nothing adds expansiveness to a room like carpeting. Of course, area rugs and hardwood do have their charm. But they also have their place. With wall-to-wall, your room can enjoy a feeling of undisturbed openness that rugs and other flooring simply cannot match.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you want the look of wall-to-wall but keep the benefits of your existing hard flooring, consider an ‘almost wall -to-wall” option. This type of carpeting can be laid right over existing flooring, but with the edges exposed. This will leave a hard-floor border to frame your room in style.