Solving Annoying Carpet Conundrums

No matter how durable your carpet is, there are many threats to its long life. And whether damage occurs right away or over time, it can mean an investment into new carpeting. However, many problems facing your carpet can be prevented with a little know-how.

Don’t Pull those Pulls

Have you noticed pieces of yarn sticking up out of your carpet? This happens when one or more loops in the pile of your carpet get pulled through it’s backing. Any sharp object can cause pulls to occur, from a pet’s claw to a dropped and forgotten nail or pin.

Noticing a pull in your carpet can be immediately followed by the overwhelming urge to tug it loose. But this is the last thing you should do. Instead, the right way to deal with pulls is to take a pair of scissors, and simply trim it to carpet level. Pulling it will only make things worse, and leaving it will give your carpet an uneven appearance.

Divots and Dents

When furniture has been in the same place for a while, unsightly divots and dents can be created in your carpet. Although they may not be visible now, should you choose to move that furniture in the future, they will quickly become evident.

Your heaviest furniture will harm your carpeting less if you add carpet protector cups under the legs. Also, you can prevent these dents and divots from occurring by remembering to move your furniture a few inches to the side or back every once in a while. This will distribute furniture weight over a larger area and ultimately help your carpeting to last longer.

Static Storage

You probably already know that carpets are creators of static electricity. But did you also know that they can store static? If your carpet experiences a lot of friction in the form of walking, sliding and similar forms of direct contact, your carpet is likely holding a lot of static. But it isn’t only activity which can cause static production and storage; all it takes is the right kind of backing, carpet construction or shoe sole to create static. Even the cleanliness of a carpet can have an effect on the amount of static it holds.

Where static is a problem in your carpeting, one solution can be to add moisture to the room. This can be done by placing a humidifier in a doorway. If static is still present, there are anti-static carpet treatment available, either from your local flooring store or carpet manufacturer.

Burned Fibres

Accidents do happen, and this includes burns. Burn marks can make your carpet look far older than it is, and if left unchecked, can quickly ruin your carpet for good. However, there is good news: the burns on your carpet are completely fixable. All that’s needed is some re-weaving, re-sectioning or re-tufting.

For situations where only the tips of the carpet have been burned, they can be easily taken care of. Simply snip off the burnt ends with a sharp pair of small scissors. Small scissors will afford you the precision required to cut off very small portions of the carpet fibres without risking the undamaged fibres nearby. If you’ve snipped off too much, you can simply trim down the surrounding fibres to even out the pile.


Spills, if left unattended to dry can actually cause your carpet’s fibres to shrink. This is because liquid causes carpet yarn to loosen. However, this can be solved by addressing spills when they occur. Moreover, always ensure that you blot spills and don’t scrub, as this can also damage your carpeting.

There is little more frustrating than noticing that your carpet has become damaged in some way, but it’s a relief to know that you can solve these common issues inexpensively and in very little time.