Selecting Floors for Senior Citizens

It is advisable to utilise special flooring when dealing with the elderly members of society for several critical reasons. Seniors are generally prone to stumbles and falls. As such, they require floors which have reduced risk of slipping to aid in preventing such accidents.

Elderly individuals may also experience challenges with their knees, backs as well as hips. This makes it suitable for installing flooring that minimises adverse effects on their skeletal system as they walk on it. As well, older people could experience incontinence complications, necessitating use of flooring that is easy to clean for hygienic purposes. Such kind of flooring is available from Karndean Flooring UK suppliers.

Good Flooring Assists in Fall-Prevention

Elderly individuals experience challenges with balance as well as perception of depth. Weak knees, hips and backs oftentimes could occasion hazardous falls. The seniors could also suffer from stroke along with other sudden attacks which could cause falls.

The falls which result in serious injuries to back and hips could be particularly devastating, leading to lifetime complications and possible death incidences. It is thus necessary to install special flooring for elderly parents, relatives or even clients where they live.

Various Kinds of Flooring to Suit the Elderly

Using specially designed non-slip tiles is one good possibility. This is designed to provide extra traction degree.

Another option is modular rubber flooring. Certain rubber flooring options afford users the flexibility of not having to remove current floors prior to their installation.

Rubber floors are availed in modular tile form which can be attached together, before simply laying over the current floor. Rubber delivers the advantage of being an outstanding non-slip surface. In addition, it helps in cushioning the impact felt by the body during movement.

Gains of Using a Soft Floor

Elderly individuals who experience frequent falls may not gain much from a floor of ceramic tiles or hardwood. Older people capable of breaking their fall could still suffer injuries to the hands and wrists.

Rubber flooring offers softer landing and additional padding could be added underneath floor tiles to provide extra cushioning. Oftentimes, the bones of seniors are porous and could break easily after suffering minor impact. This makes it essential to take all precaution necessary to prevent injury incidents, especially serious ones.

Soft floors from Karndean Flooring UK provide protection from hard knocks during falls. As well, they suit seniors suffering from sore joints along with similar ailments. You may choose padding of diverse thickness, relative to how severe is the condition suffered. The soft surface aids in easing the pain occasioned by just walking down hallway, most of all during cold weather periods when rheumatism tends to worsen.

Easy-Cleaning Nature of Modular Floors

The older generation experiences challenges of incontinence, which could occasion messy incidents.
Modular tile floors are easy to both install and remove, which assists in easing the cleaning and maintenance process.

Any number of tiles can be detached with ease for separate washing and drying purposes. These are equally easy to install once they have been cleaned. You may also clean the surface below thoroughly to ascertain no mould, mildew or bacterial growth takes place.

Modular carpet, rubber and vinyl tiles are fairly easy cleaning and drying. Vinegar may be applied before soap and water for urine stains within the fabric, which breaks down the urea causing odour. Certain floors feature stable colour fabrics, enabling one to wash them with bleach and remove all odours and stains completely.

Vinegar and Bleach also work in an exceptional manner to destroy unhealthy microbes that could grow on both hard and soft surfaces.

Karndean Flooring UK offers a range of flooring options for seniors to keep them away from falling. Such action appreciates their overall state of health and wellness. Soft floors provide some cushioning at times when they find it difficult even walking. Easy-to-clean modular floors facilitate convenient cleaning of stains and odours.