How to Choose Flooring

Once you put flooring down, the aim tends to be that it is going to be in place for a while so it is important to get it right. With the in mind, it is important to be aware of the aspects that need to be taken into account when selecting flooring and keeping them in mind during the process.
There are several processes to go through to ensure that you get the correct result, and achieve a room that looks just as you pictured it.

Consider the Room

Rather than letting yourself get carried away with excitement at the prospect of renovation, take a breath and take some time to consider what you want to achieve.
Take a good look at the room you intend to decorate. If you are not beginning with a blank canvas, consider the current decorative style and consider what you do and do not like about it. Take some photographs so that you can refer to them while you are in the process of selecting flooring and away from the room itself. Always bear in mind that the flooring you choose will have a bearing on the overall appearance of the entire room.


Think about how the room will be used. This will help you to determine the amount of maintenance and cleaning will be required. At this stage, it is also a good idea to measure the room and keep the figures with you rather than relying on any an estate agent might have given you. Think about the fact that light colours can make a room appear larger, while darker colours can do the opposite.
Consider the shape of the room as this will dictate how easy it will be actually to fit the flooring and how long it will take.

Check the Selection

While considering flooring types on the internet can give you a good idea of the range and type of flooring that is available, it is no substitute for being able to actually see and feel the wood. Accordingly, if you intend to use a supplier that is able to provide samples, make use of this service and obtain as many samples as necessary to help you make your decision.
By using samples, you will be able to compare the look and colour to paint and/or wallpaper samples if you are undertaking a complete redecoration.
Do not forget the skirting boards to hide any untidy edges, if they will be required, and think about the colour that we will required for these. For example, it will need to be decided whether you want them to match the wall or the floor.

Get an Expert

Though many people may consider the prospect of decoration exciting, others may consider it a nightmare and will not know where to start. Similarly, even if you initially enjoyed the process of redecorating, it can quickly and easily get overwhelming, so that when you have no idea of which way to go, it is useful to be able to utilise the services of an expert. In addition to being able to organise fitting of the wood flooring, they will also be in a position to help you to decide on the type of flooring that you should select.