A Room by Room Guide to Choosing a Carpet

If you’re ready to have new carpets installed in your home, you will have a few decisions before you. Not only will you need to choose a brand, colour or pattern of carpet, you will also need to choose a pile and construction that suits those rooms you wish to outfit.

But rather than review seemingly-endless brand names for the right one for you, there is an easier way to choose your carpeting: you can go by the room.

The Bedroom

There’s nothing quite like a carpeted bedroom. Not only is it lovely to place your feet on during those chilly mornings, but you can indulge with a high-pile luxurious carpet, as the bedroom is one of the rooms in a home that receives the least foot traffic. You can also afford to choose a lighter colour.

If you are carpeting a guest room, it may be enough to purchase a felt-backed carpet. For children’s rooms, stain-resistant carpet may be the solution. When considering colour, it’s a good idea to think about how many years you want your carpet to last. If your children are a bit older, think ahead to what you might want to use the room for in the future, and then choose a carpet that’s appropriate.

The Living Room

As we all know, the living room in a home will often be the most seen and used. As such, it needs carpeting that is hard-wearing. But you also want it to be stylish, as your carpeting will also reflect the style and colours of your home.

If your living room is used for eating, consider a stain-resistant carpet, or one that’s made of at least 80% wool, as wool will resist liquids and is easy to clean. One thing that all living rooms deal with is the fact that there will be several pieces of furniture sitting on the carpet for long periods, which can cause wear. Therefore, it’s a good idea to shuffle these items around from time to time.

The Kitchen

Carpeting can definitely be used in the kitchen. However, it’s best to choose a brand designed for stain resistance. Carpet tiles can be another consideration here. Tiles are very mobile so that they can be moved about should a stain occur.

The Hallways and Stairs

Hallways are responsible, in large part for the impression they give of the rest of your home. In essence, your hallways are the first ‘room’ that a guest sees. But hallways also endure a lot of foot traffic. Therefore, carpeting that won’t show dirt and can be easily cleaned is ideal here. Stairs are another high traffic area that needs to have hard-wearing carpeting installed. In both cases, underlay is recommended, as is a carpet with a short and dense pile.

The Bathroom

Likely because of the advent of ceramics and vinyl flooring, the rubber waffle-backed carpet is becoming difficult to locate. The best idea if wanting to use carpeting in the bathroom may be carpet tiles which can be removed and dried. Or, you can purchase bathroom carpets or rugs at a discount and then replace them every 12 or 18 months, depending on wear.

As you can see, seeking the right carpets in Bedford for all of the rooms in your home can be far less of a chore when you consider the room’s use as opposed to the many characteristics that make one type of carpeting different from another. If you still find you’re having trouble choosing the right one, you may be able to get the advice you need from trained flooring professional in your city or town.