Carpet or wood. Which flooring is right for you?

Whether it’s a matter of aesthetics or practicalities, choosing between carpet or wooden flooring can be a difficult decision. Whereas ultimately carpet or wood will always be a question of personal choice and preference it’s good to have a look at the pros and cons before rushing into a purchase.

We’ve compiled a list of facts to help you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both materials to help you make the right choice for your home.

Carpet Flooring

Besides excellent sound proofing qualities, a carpeted floor provides warmth and comfort to a room. Carpets have high thermal insulating properties that make them perfect for colder climes and can help you save on heating bills.

Available in a huge selection of colours and styles, carpets can be the more aesthetically flexible option when compared to a wooden floor. Their ability to absorb sound means that carpets can reduce noise levels and are generally considered the safer choice in a home with small children or elderly occupants, helping to soften falls and slips.

Wood Flooring

Wooden floors have become a key stylish element in the modern home and are considered an extremely desirable feature when buying or selling a property. Wood creates a pleasing visual impact, is easily maintained and has a high re-sell value.

Able to compliment most decors and individual tastes, wooden floors come in a wide range of styles and design options which are sure to meet your requirements.

Which adds more value?

If you’re thinking about selling your property, refinishing existing wooden floors is a savvy and relatively inexpensive way to increase the value of your home. Professionally fitted wooden floors which have been properly maintained and are in good condition can help to speed up the selling process. However, fitting wooden flooring with the sole idea of increasing the price of your property is considered a bad idea.

Carpets can be easily changed and quickly replaced and as such are not thought to affect a property’s value unless they are fitted immediately before a sale. And even then there’s no guarantee the carpets will match the new owner’s style and tastes.

Check beneath your carpets

If you’re thinking about changing existing carpets, have a quick look at what’s underneath. You might be pleasantly surprised to find a reasonably maintained wooden floor there already. Refinishing existing flooring can be a quick and easy method to transform your home and may be the financially sound option when compared to the installation of a new carpets.

Which is easier to clean?

Carpets can be havens for dust, skin and other particles that could lead to health issues. But a good carpet can turn this trapping effect into a benefit. Most modern carpets contain an antibacterial coating that attracts allergens and keeps them out of the air and can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. Yet even if you if you vacuum your carpet daily it will still need a professional shampooing once or twice a year.

Dust will stay on a wooden floor until it’s removed and it can be kicked into the air with every step. Sweeping wooden flooring is a lot easier than vacuuming a carpet. The floor should be dry mopped every three or four days and cleaned with a special solution every three to four weeks. We do not, however, recommend a water/vinegar solution as this can cause the finish to fade over time.

As you can see, both surfaces have their pros and cons and ultimately the choice of carpet or wood is an entirely down to personal preference. But it’s always good to remember that either surface will look great when it’s newly fitted, but after a few weeks of sweeping or vacuuming, you may have cause to reconsider your decision.