Use Flooring in New Ways for a Unique Look

If you want a new look for the rooms in your home, but are seeking something that’s a better reflection of your taste and personality, there are other options besides choosing a single unique carpet, tile or wood floor. You can change all of the floors in your home to just the way you want them, simply by thinking differently about your flooring.

Unusual Patterns with Pieces

When you think of carpeting, you might think of a single colour in a room, or an Oriental rug on top of existing carpet. But what about carpet pieces? Think of a colour scheme you might like to have in your bedroom or living room. Then, start looking for those colours. You may be able to find carpets for sale in your local Bedford newspaper. If you can get hold of high-quality carpeting in excellent shape that was removed from a home, even better.

Once you’ve gathered your ideal collection of colours, it’s time to decide on a pattern, and then decide how you’re going to cut your carpet pieces. You may find a lot of inspiration online from others who have done the same thing. Finally, you’ll lay your pieces in your desired pattern on your floor. Then, all that’s left will be for you to replace your furniture and relax and enjoy your brand new look.

If this is your first time using carpet pieces, another tip that can make things easier is to purchase carpet tiles. These smaller pieces can be much easier to measure and cut.

Unexpected Vinyl

Who says vinyl flooring is just for the kitchen or bathroom? Using vinyl flooring in a bedroom is a smart and stylish way to change things up. Today’s vinyl flooring can look like just about anything, including wood and stone. As well, modern vinyl materials are much softer and warmer underfoot than they used to be. But you don’t have to stop there; you can place a rug on top for extra flair, or even try the cutting trick mentioned above – simply choose several different colours and styles of vinyl tile, and lay them in your desired pattern.

A Meeting of the Rugs

Rug carpeting is as popular as it ever was. The good news is that there are several styles and colours to choose from. Even better is the fact that these days, anything goes as far as style. You may have several rugs throughout your home. If you don’t want the hassle or the cost of purchasing, measuring and cutting new carpeting, how about using what you already have?

You can create an eclectic air in any room by placing more than one rug on your floor. Doing this will add colour and whimsy. And, by placing a collection of beloved rugs in one room, you can create an instant feel-good space.

Section it Off

If the above tips and tricks just aren’t different enough, you can punch up the style of a room and add even more personality to it by using flooring to separate it into sections. For example, you may wish to separate your sleeping area from your dressing table. If this is the case, you can consider placing a plush carpet or rug under your bed, and smooth and shiny vinyl flooring under your dressing table. Or, reverse this combination.

Of course, there are many different flooring materials out there, and you can use any of them in any combination to transform the rooms of your home. The only limit to a flooring style that’s uniquely you is your imagination. Your home is your space, and such, you can make it as unique, lovely and impressive as you like.