The Stain Repellent Carpet: Is It Worth It?

The entire look and feel of a room can be altered if stains are allowed to sink into your carpeting without proper treatment. Over time, carpet can become dull and dingy in appearance as a result. But when stain-repellent carpeting comes to the rescue, there’s no need to worry about unsightly carpet stains again. Or is there?

What is Stain Repelling Technology?

Carpet is available in a number of different materials, some of which repel stains naturally. However, this is different from stain-repellent carpeting. The technology involved with stain-repellent carpeting is of a chemical nature; a carpet with nylon fibres, for example can include any number of chemicals to make it resistant to stains. Not only that, but material like nylon will not look any different once it has been treated to repel stains.

Of course, nylon is available in several forms, as each carpet manufacturer will use their own preferred manufacturing method and materials. But nylon stain-repelling carpet will either have their fibres infused with chemicals, or will have their fibres coated with them after they’ve been manufactured.

Advantages of going Stain-Repellent

In addition to the fact that this type of carpet keeps stains at bay, there are several benefits to going the stain-repelling route. One of these is the money savings. Replacement is the only alternative for a carpet that’s become inundated with stains over the years. But stain-repellent carpet can help you avoid the cost of frequent replacement.

Along the lines of saving money, stain-repellent carpet is also one of the more economical to purchase. As well, this type of carpet retains its look, feel and colour. This may be due to the chemicals applied to the carpet, which may also insulate it against fading and help it resist wear and tear.

As far as design is concerned, those who are unsure about choosing a light carpet colour will find they have a host of choices they can be comfortable with in stain-repellent lines of popular brands like Weston Hammer carpets, as well has not having to sacrifice their desire for carpeting in a lighter colour.

Because even the tiniest dirt and liquid particles can be easily cleaned up with a stain-repellent carpet, there is no need to worry about the growth of bacteria. For liquid, because it can all be removed there is no reason to fret that mould and mildew will develop. Not only that, but the cleaner and more hygienic a carpet is, the less attractive it will be to critters like mites and other bugs.

Always Read the Instructions

Although caring for a stain-repellent carpet is virtually effortless, some care is still required. For example, just because a carpet is stain-repellent, doesn’t mean that you can just leave a soiling agent on the carpet for a long period of time without staining the carpet fibres. Some liquids, like acidic lemon juice and ketchup may eat through fibres or the chemicals which coat them, which can reduce the overall stain resistance of your carpets.

Besides foods which can damage carpeting, harmful cleaning agents like bleach should also be avoided. Not only can bleach work through chemical coatings, but depending on the chemicals added to a carpet, may react with them. This could cause harmful fumes to be released into the air, or may have a corrosive effect on carpet fibres.

Depending on the unique needs of your household, stain-repelling carpet can offer a solution that not only stays clean for a long period of time, but maintains its lush appearance and feel. You may even be able to get this type of carpet on sale if you happen to be in the right place at an opportune time.